ABMC #18 – Cool As Ice

The 90’s were the height of Cool. High & Tight haircuts underneath flipped around snap backs, baggy Zubaz hanging low, Neon everything. King of these fleeting, halcyon times was the coolest of them all: Vanilla Ice. The spoils of his brief and meteoric fame was a staring role in this 1991 major motion picture – Cool As Ice.

This film is a love letter to what seems to be now a long lost and forgotten time; a time of white picket fences being hurdled by white rappers on motorcycles, wearing leather jackets with phrases like “Sex Me Up” down the sleeves. Ah, those were the days…

A ham-fisted plot struggles to drive this extended music video, but who cares? It’s so bright and colorful, both in the color palate and performance by Vanilla (who sure does make the ladies swoon) that it’s like an orgy for your eyeballs and ear holes.

It will surely become a guilty pleasure for you just as it has for me.