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“Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence.” This is the premise of Idiocracy: Through redneck stupidity and the inability of educated people to procreate, the human species is dumbed down to the intellectual level of slugs over the span of half a millennia.

We follow Luke Wilson, a precisely average soldier in the US Army. He’s chosen, along with a prostitute named Rita, to test hibernation chambers for 1 year. Of course, things go wrong, the commander is caught up in a prostitution ring and the project is lost in bureaucracy and buried in a gigantic mountain of garbage, then uncovered after “The Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505”

What lie before our hero was quite literally a wasteland.

The Future

But the people of the 26th century aren’t concerned about infrastructure, they’re too busy putting ads over every stitch of clothing, filling their water fountains with energy drinks and watching feature length movies of a guy’s ass. Caught up in this strange world, Luke Wilson is forced to conform to modern society and gets branded, re-named to Not Sure and sent to jail. He manages to escape by telling the guards he’s not supposed to be there, then automated guns shoot and destroy each other (Even the machines are stupid in the future).

Frito, his lawyer and only friend, takes him to a Costco so big it stretches off into the horizon. Every store inside features Adult services (Cool!). As he tries to wrap his head around the idea of traveling back to his own time, Not Sure gets seized by the police and taken to the White House by 5 time smack down champion and porn star President Camacho. Since he’s now the smartest man in the world, he is made Secretary of the Interior and must figure out how to make the crops grow to save the country.


(Finally, someone we can all vote for.)

Not Sure discovers that they’ve been watering the crops with Brawndo sports drink, who have also bought up the FDA and a bunch of other facilities. He convinces everyone that the plants need water and force them to stop spraying the Brawndo. The company’s stock then plummets and computers lay off all the workers (like that could ever happen, we would never let computers run the economy…)

The people, filled with unfounded rage, force Not Sure to compete in Rehabilitation gladiatorial combat. Meanwhile, the plants begin to show signs of life. With a little help from Rita the prostitute, he escapes and is promoted to Vice President and later succeeds President Camacho to lead the nation.

Idiocracy is pretty funny, but a lot of the visual jokes of advertisements everywhere and the stupidity of the people are a bit over the top. I mean, the estimation that people would devolve into this lowly state of intelligence is kind of insulting…

Wait, there are a bunch of kids on the internet saying they don’t know who Paul McCartney is? Dear Jeebus, it’s happening right now! Save us smart people!

Future TV

(TV in the future, very probable.)

1 out of 3 Cinnamon Bears. It’s pretty great with some goofy looking set pieces that take you out of the moment every now and then. If you can look past that, you’ll love it.