Scared to Death (1946) –

This movie is all about a dead lady who tells us (through constant, pointlessly quick dream-like segues) all about how stupidly she died. How could being SCARED TO DEATH not be stupid? No court on earth would ever convict anyone of scaring someone to death. 

Regardless of all that, we have Bella Lugosi in a cape acting all mysterious and weird, his midget side-kick crawling around, a fast-talking reporter with his brainless gal by his side, & a bumbling cop waiting for the lady to get murdered so he can get his old job on the force back. The movie locks all these characters in a house and people see mysterious things, get knocked out & get moved around from one room to another. Then they tack on some ridiculous reason to explain how all these things happened.

The addition of the bumbling cop provides some funny moments, like when the lady throws a mannequin head and he catches it, says hello, then runs away scared. The reporter’s girlfriend is also another one-note comedy relief bit part, which she plays well enough.

Nick seems to think it plays out a bit like that movie with Tim Curry based on the popular mystery board game, except in reality it isn’t like that at all. The real mystery however, is what happens to Hunking…

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