ABMC Episode #21 – Attack of the Giant Leeches

We finally learn what happened to Hunking… He’s been kidnapped by the crazy guy from The Justin Zone. Unable to watch the movie, Nick & Jason give him the low down on this week’s movie.

When a small swamp town is rocked by the disappearance of its people, few are willing to accept the fact that the culprits are gigantic mutated leeches. Fools! That’s always the first thing I suspect whenever anything bad happens to me. “Damn those giant leeches that cut me off in traffic, empty my refrigerator and steal my remote!”

So what do the brave swamp people do to take back their home? The get a shit ton of dynamite and blow that place up, effectively taking out the leeches and the victims they stashed away in their underwater lair. 

Attack of the Giant Leeches is a fun and campy old movie with a simple plot, goofy characters and costume design that might have been outdone by a black garbage bag.

After the movie, Nick and Jason then head out to rescue their partner in Awful from the evil grip of the most bizarre man on the internet.

Stay tuned for the conclusion…