ABMC #22 – Lethal Ninja

This movie would be laughably awful if it wasn’t so painfully dumb.

This over-dubbed nightmare starts out with a woman being kidnapped in the Dark Continent by ninjas after discovering some evil corporation is putting acid (I assume the corrosive kind, not LSD) in the water supply, fulfilling Nostradamus’ prophecy (that this movie would bring about the end of the world).

Her ninja husband and his friend fly to Africa and go all Riggs & Murtaugh on the ninjas; Shooting them with exploding crossbow arrows, making them drive off cliffs, climbing into big chemical water slides and – most stupefyingly – taking a bunch of them on in a roller rink while wearing blades on their skates.

Lethal Ninja is truly a rare cinematic bird. Like a Dodo, it squawks with annoying sword and punch sound effects and flops around the screen in bizarre musical numbers. None of it made any sense whatsoever. Unlike our extinct avian friend though, we’re actually able to see this relic of incompetent filmmaking in action (thank you Netflix).

This very special “Season Finale” episode of the Awfully Bad Movie Club sees the rescue of Hunking from the dark bowels of The Justin Zone and a special young fan stops by to add his views on the film.

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Thanks for watching!